About us

In 2012 within the framework of the project "The creation of cooperation platform and intercultural dialogue in Latvia" it was organized an informal association of 10 different non-government organizations - a cooperation platform encouraging intercultural dialogue in Latvia aimed at creating of a new civil society platform for intercultural dialogue, thus promoting the improvement of the society microclimate as well as forming a full-fledged community and creating a constant platform, the nuclear of which consist of cultural societies and organizations of different nations.

Cultural aspects are most essential for integrating community, so the partnership offers advancing competence, informing and involving possibly vaster civil population stratum, state institutions and self-governance organizations, educational bodies and higher education institutes gradually arranging more and more significant events, laying stress on major lines of Latvian society integration: the European Union values, collaboration of different generations in the integration processes, thus forming their solidity, the popularization of Latvian cultural heritage.

Since the time of "The Platform of cooperation" has been formed intensive activity of its members has been taking place. The organizations - constituents of "The Platform of cooperation" as well as newly joining organizations meet, analyze the activities completed, solve problems searching for more effective ways of handling the problems, allotting tasks for further work of the "The Platform of cooperation", for efficient realization of the events happening and putting various projects into function. As a result, in July 2014 "The Platform of cooperation" was registered as a legal independent organization which will continue the activity of the non-formal group of NGO enlarging its contingent and involving not only organizations but also private persons.